about david barlev A little guy born in Los Angeles, growing up everywhere else, David stretched himself to learn, explore and develop his interests. Starting out with the fascination and wonderment of a child, he continues being playful and creative, curious and always interested in people and places. He followed his path to UCLA, receiving a BA in Sociology, while also discovering his appetite for languages. While in school, music entered his soul and his passion for the love of jazz and dancing developed his further interest in the arts. He began working with children and reconnecting to his youth as a school teacher and camp counselor. This led him into illustration and painting as he started self-learning. Enrolled in classes that built into his creative path, he studied under Karl Gnass and Glenn Vilppu, graphic art and illustration at Minshar and the Art Center at Night. As much as he loves working with the pencil and pen, he truly enjoys all kinds of medium, but is most attracted to line work, ink, and watercolor. He is mostly interested in projects for children’s picture books, MG chapter books, YA fantasy/sci-fi and graphic novels. He is also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Outside of his day to day illustration David enjoys traveling, hiking, climbing, reading, live music and dancing, photography and whenever he finds the time daydreaming, fantasizing and creating characters and worlds to explore.  
david barlev
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